SwapZilla is a unique infrastructure solution that revolutionizes crypto trading.

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The crypto market lacks up-to-date infrastructure

There are more than 240 crypto exchanges and trading is highly diversified:

The biggest exchanges
(Binance, BitMax and OKEX)
only take less than 2%
of the total market

There are more than 2000 coins and tokens in circulation:

  • There are only 500 currency pairs available on the largest exchanges;
  • Most crypto exchanges only have 5 to 10 currency pairs
11% Binance 446 currency pairs 9.3% BitMax 8.3% OKEx 7.5% ZB.COM 7.3% Bit-Z 6.9% DigiFinex 126 currency pairs 6.3% CoinBene 6.1% Bibox 5.7% LBank 5.7% Huobi Global 5.6% HitBTC 5.3% Coineal 59 currency pairs 5% IDAX 5% BitForex 5% Cryptonex 85,6% 14,4% Other crypto exchanges Top 15 crypto exchanges

Other crypto exchanges

Top 15 crypto exchanges

11% 9,3% 8,3% 7,5% 7,3% 6,9% 6,3% 6,1% 5,7% 5,7% 5,6% 5,3% 5% 5% 5% Binance 446 currency pairs BitMax OKEx ZB.COM Bit-Z DigiFinex 126 currency pairs CoinBene Bibox LBank Huobi Global HitBTC Coineal 59 currency pairs IDAX BitForex Cryptonex 85,6% 14,4%

Challenges that Crypto Traders Face

Using Existing Infrastructure

Need to manage multiple accounts on different exchanges

Incomplete list of crypto assets

Limited functions
and tools

Hacker attacks
and fraud

Long and complicated KYC

Not user-friendly and incomplete trade log

Spreads when trading large volumes

The existing market infrastructure is complicated and not transparent. This decreases the attractiveness of crypto trading.

Minor tokens and coins are difficult to exchange.

Registration on a crypto-exchange Purchase of an asset

Registration on crypto-exchange

Purchase of an asset

SwapZilla Solution

We are building a financial institution which provides investors with the necessary and up-to-date market infrastructure.

Registration Single KYC Access to almost all crypto assets Clients Exchanges Crypto-assets
Registration Single KYC Access to almost all crypto assets Clients Exchanges Crypto Assets
  • Single window access to almost all crypto assets
  • Search for the best offers
  • Low commissions for our users
  • Ability to trade large volumes without making losses (cascade orders)
  • Access to margin trading
  • Internal clearing
  • Mirror trading (copying the strategies of the most successful traders)
  • Passive income with auto-arbitrage and crypto deposits

Client receives a comprehensive service, access to any type of crypto assets and unique trading terms.

The SwapZilla trading platform is the most flexible modular system that can be customized for each individual user. The user independently selects and connects all the necessary elements of the system: modules, screens and tools.

SecuritySystem ActiveTrading PassiveTrading Security System Active Trading Passive Trading

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  • Exchange Window
  • Asset Window
  • Current Assets Window
  • Statistics Module
  • Exchange Orders Module
  • Strategy Module
  • Portfolio Management Module
  • Margin Trading Module
  • Market Signals Window
  • News Window
  • Information Module
  • Recommendation Module
  • Off-the-shelf Trading Strategies
  • Arbitrage Strategy Module
  • Margin Trading Module (Lending)
  • Mirror Trading Module

Value Proposition for the Investors

We offer investors to receive a share of the platform's profits, by purchasing SWZL Tokens.

SWZL Value for the Investors

SwapZilla is a mass service, which includes relevant and reputable trading products, so the demand for the project services is always stable.

The intrinsic value of the token is guaranteed by the owner’s perpetual right to receive the income from the platform’s commissions, which is guaranteed by a smart contract.


The payment plan is structured in a following way: all SwapZilla platform revenue is distributed in 70/30 proportion between the company and SWZL tokenholders: 70% — of the income is used to pay for current expenses and platform development and marketing; the remaining 30% of the income is transferred (in real time) to a special public wallet and then distributed proportionally to token holders.

IEO will take place between 15th July 2019 and 1st January 2020. The price for one SWZL token will be 1 USDT.

72% of the collected funds will be used as turnover capital. SWZL investors will receive income the day after the completion of the IEO (01/02/2020). The turnover funds (72% of the money raised) will be a collateral guarantee of the token.

Margin Trading & Other Services Smart Contract SwapZilla receives commissions from crypto exchanges SwapZilla receives a share of the traders' commissions and earns money on other services +% +% +% +% BUY BTC SELL ETH Traders Investors 30% of income will accumulate on special account and through smart contract will be proportionally distributed to SwapZilla token holders SwapZilla gets commissions from crypto exchanges

Road map

We have a clear plan for building our platform. We are aiming to release a beta version of the platform to the public and start trading by the 2nd quarter of 2020.

  • Brainstorming
  • Platform prototype
  • Core team formation
  • Alpha version of SwapZilla.co
  • Closed Alpha version testing
  • Beginning of Beta version development
  • Selecting technological stack formation and security providers
  • Hiring additional team members with specialization in internet security
  • Development of platform architecture and system core
  • IEO launch
  • Development of API module with the crypto exchanges
  • Development of internal clearing module
  • Functionality development: transaction history, commissions and arbitrage module
  • Development of AI & ML algorithms
  • Start of security functionality testing
  • Development of trade signals module
  • NLP
  • Development of Smart Order module
  • Testing of blocks and feedback
  • Testing security functionality
  • Development of the internal lending module
  • Development of follow (mirror) trading module
  • Testing of security functionality
  • Development of margin trading module
  • Testing of blocks and feedback
  • Beta version
  • Start of trading




Roman Prokopiev

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Vladimir Kardapoltsev

Chief Commercial Officer

Eugene Sysoletin

Chief Technology Officer

Alexander Filkin


Denis Podgursky

Head of Cyber Security

Oleg Chislov

Head of AI and ML

Ivan Morozov

Head of Trading Signals

Eugeniy Dein

Head of Crypto Exchange Integration

Svyatoslav Schurov

Senior Developer

Advisory Board

His Excellency Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Al Thani

Former Economy Minister of Qatar

Jens Zimmermann

Chairman of the Board
High Growth Capital

Dr Ramil Mavlyutov

CEO of Nizh Yug Group

Artem Bosov

Advisor at JJ Venture

Gilbert Steedley

Former Director of American Stock Exchange (AMEX)

Igor Dombrovan CFA

Former Head of Saxo Bank (Russia)

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