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The Rules

Each participant of the campaign has an opportunity to receive up to 5 ETH daily and up to 10% of the monthly amount sold.
  • After purchasing SwapZilla tokens you will be automatically added to the draw.
  • If you bought at least 25 SWZL, then on this day you get an opportunity to win up to 5 ETH. The amount of the daily prize cannot exceed 10% of the total number of SWZL sold on that day.
  • Competition duration: December 9, 2019 - January 13, 2020.
  • Each contributor who has bought at least 25 SWZL has a chance to get a monthly jackpot.

The winners of the SwapZilla’s competition will be determined by using a random numbers generator live on our YouTube channel

Every month we will give away prizes in ETH to our contributors.


Only SwapZilla contributors can participate. If you haven't purchased our tokens - it is about time to do so - you can do it here.

How to participate?

Buy SwapZilla Tokens, and you will automatically be added to the draw.

I am already a SwapZilla contributor
You will automatically be added to the draw.
I dont have SwapZIlla tokens.
You can buy them here.

What are the chances of winning?

The competition uses the draw method. We will compile a table in which your entries will be recorded. The more entries you have, the more chances to win the main prizes. SwapZilla will determine the winner using a random number generator.

  1. 1 entry = 25 SWZL.
    If you have purchased 50 SWZL, then the chance of you winning will double, and so on.
  2. You can invite your friends through the reference link. If they will buy 25 SWZL, you will get an extra entry. If he will buy 50 SWZL, you will get 2 more entries and so on. Your entries will be added after the purchase. In order to get a reference link, please contact @SwapZilla_Team
  • The winnings in ETH will be transferred 7 days after the end of the promotion.
  • If the team will find out that the promotion participant has been cheating, lying, or trying to deceive us - we reserve the right to deprive this user of all winnings.
  • SwapZilla reserves the right of final decision.
Risk Warning:

Digital assets are an innovative investment products, which prices might significantly fluctuate.

SwapZilla is not responsible for any direct or indirect transaction losses. Please evaluate your investment abilities soundly and make smart decisions.

Wallet address:
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Please only transfer your ETH from NON-EXCHANGE wallet that belongs to you! If you don’t have a wallet. Once you will send the required amount of ETH to our wallet, your SWZL tokens will be sent to you automatically (to the same wallet which you used to send us ETH).