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Qualifying contestants will
get a guaranteed 25 USDT.

Create a video
and get up
to $1500

How to participate in the competition?

  1. Make an interesting and unique video
  2. Upload it to YouTube and send us a link
  3. Make your video popular and get up to 1500 USDT

Awards and titles


All participants who have fulfilled the conditions of the competition will receive 25 USDT!

Topics for the video:

  • Video about
    SwapZilla’s tools;
  • Cryptocurrency
    news and events;
  • Analytical
    digest SwapZilla.

Application for participation in the competition

Terms and Conditions

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Important information:

  • Prizes will be awarded within seven business days after the end of the competition.
  • SwapZilla will select participants and those who fulfill the competition will receive a reward of 25 USDT. Duplicate videos will be disqualified.
  • One user can send several videos - there are no restrictions.
  • The use of unauthorized audio or visual materials is prohibited.
  • You agree for SwapZilla’s to use the content of the video you provided for any purpose at its sole discretion.
  • The final decisions are always made by SwapZilla.
  • If a user is convicted of fraud or malicious acts, SwapZilla has the right to deprive him of a reward.
  • If you have any questions, please write to us: @SwapZilla_Team